Get Ready for Back to School!


The back to school frenzy has just begun!

The first day back at school can be very stressful for both parents and children. Here are a few tips on how to make the first day as painless as possible.

1. Meet with your child’s teacher before school starts- Many teachers are busy setting up their classrooms in the weeks right before school starts. If your school permits it, stop in and meet with your child’s new teacher. You may even ask for a tour of your child’s new classroom. This can help you and your child feel more comfortable when he/she arrives at school on the first day.

2. Create a list of school supplies- Parents and teachers rush to buy everything they need right before school starts.  Make your life easier by creating a list, or by following a list the school or teacher has sent to you.

3. Buy school supplies in bulk- Now we know what you’re thinking, we are only trying to promote our company. However, buying school supplies in bulk is the way to go! Your child needs pencils, crayons, and other school supplies all year round. So, why buy only one package at a time? This can be more costly than purchasing a large quantity at once. Then, when your child runs out of paper, or their favorite pen breaks- there’s no need to run to the store! You will have exactly what your child needs on hand!   Below you will find our top-selling back to school brands:

  • Top Flight– Top Flight offers a wide variety of quality notebooks.
  • Bic– Many teachers prefer Bic pens & pencils over any other brand!
  • Crayola– Crayola products are used to create colorful projects in classrooms all over!
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