A Winter Cold

Well all that shoveling I did the other day may have helped with my exercise program but did nothing for my health. I have succumbed to the dreaded winter cold.  I found myself parked on the couch with a box of Kleenex.  My cure for the winter cold is to just eat so much that there is no more room for it.  So I proceeded to eat half a can of Butterfield Shoestring Potato Sticks(this counts as a vegetable)  a sleeve of Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies( thank goodness they were reduced fat) and  2 or 3 Hunts Snack Pack Puddings (yum!) Of course one must drink plenty of fluids when sick so I think I drank a case of Grape Propel.  I am feeling much better today thank you.  But I think one more day of my Snack Attack cold remedy will do me good.  Then I will be ready for whatever else this winter in New England throws at us!

Take care,


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