A Milestone Birthday

I am fast approaching the pinnacle of life, turning 50. It really isn’t bothering me that much.  I’m know I’m no Demi Moore but I think I would still get picked up if I was in a Star Wars bar.  If it was between me, Betty White and Roseanne Barr, I know I’m going home with Jabba the Hut!

I try and keep a young outlook on life.  I don’t step on cracks ’cause I’m afraid I’ll break my mother’s back.  I always say Jinx when someone says the same thing I do.  I am going to buy a case of Play-Doh Case of Colors and yell at myself for getting it all over the carpet.  Or maybe I will buy a case of Duncan Imperial Yo-Yos and invite all my friends over to practice doing around the world.  I always hit myself off the side of my head doing that trick.

Well I will finish up here, eat my Lucky Charms and drink my Capri Sun Coastal Cooler Juice Box and go take a bubble bath with Mr Bubble.  BuyTheCase.net doesn’t carry Mr Bubble, but I am going to fix that in a hurry!!!  Demi Moore, you may look 30 but I am having more fun acting like I am 10!!!

Take care,



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