Lindsay Blogs Again

Welp, my mum is making me blog again so I decided I would share a funny story from the office. A few months ago, I was filling up my water bottle at work and realized that I had taken the last of the water from the cooler. Being the nice person I am, I decided that I would change the jug. I had done it once at my parents’ house and decided I could probably do it again here at the office. Holy smokes was I wrong. I started to pull on the jug and it wouldn’t budge. Determined to change the water jug without any help from co-workers (who consist mostly of family and friends), I pulled even harder. Due to my ripped muscles and the force I was using, I ended up whacking myself in the chin and biting my lip, resulting in a fat lip the next day. Unfortunately, my Uncle Dave and co-worker Elisha happened to be standing right there and witnessed the whole thing causing them to cry out with laughter. Since then I haven’t attempted to change the water jug without adult supervision fearful of more fat lips. So for those of you prone to accidents like myself, help yourself by ordering a case of Propel from BTC and leave the water jug changing to those more experienced.



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