Facebook – Why?

Why does someone become a fan of a facebook page?  Are the admins clever writers that keep you engaged each day?  Does the company give you something free for becoming a fan?  Does the page have the prettiest pictures?  Or maybe the funniest videos posted? 

I am trying to figure out the best way to use Facebook to promote BuyTheCase.net.  Pictures of groceries, not so pretty.  We don’t have a viral video, YET!  We are trying to give away $250.00 in our Outrageous Wedding Proposal contest (have you entered your story yet?!!)  And I think our admins write a very engaging post – keep up the great work Elisha.  So what do I have to do to get BuyTheCase.net up to 5000+ fans?  Maybe celebrities posting on BuyTheCase.net page.  Everybody would love to hear why Howard Stern bought a case of K-Y Jelly  (he didn’t really)  Or how a celebrity group buys shaving cream by the case for their act (this is true) Well if you’re a celebrity or just someone who buys from BuyTheCase.net and have something interesting to post about us, let me know.  I always love a funny story!!

Take care,


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