A Word From Our CEO(and he’s my husband so I have to let him blog!)

I have been questioned on many occasions, how I came up with the concept of selling groceries on-line in case size quantities.  It was really quite simple.  I was in your typical warehouse store shopping for a party and every item I purchased were in extraordinary large quantities and mega sizes. I did not need 6 bottles of 64 oz ketchup or 2500 paper plates. When I reach the checkout line with my purchases, I had 2 large shopping carts and my Dad was pushing the third. The line was very long and I wondered why?  I soon found out.   Everyone had to pack their own groceries into some cardboard boxes marked bananas on the outside.  The name on the side of the box was how I felt.  Did you ever try to load 10 banana boxes in a Caravan?  It should be a test on some reality show!

Our goal at BuyTheCase.net  is to make your life easier by providing competitively priced, supermarket sized, products, delivered conveniently to your home or workplace.  So the next time you need some ketchup or paper plates that aren’t mega size, think BuyTheCase.net.

Thanks I feel better

Jack Griffin

Chief Executive Officer

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