Old Stuff Day

I almost choked on my coffee when I read the title of the posting on the BuyTheCase.net Facebook  posting.  It’s Old Stuff Day.  Elisha are you trying to make fun of me turning 50?  When does something officially become old stuff?  We all have an idea of what is hot stuff and cool stuff, but what is old stuff?  For kids, if it’s not the absolute latest, trendiest product, it is old stuff.   Some of us hold on to our stuff that could be considered old and think “it’s coming back in style.  I know it.” Some of us don’t care if it is old or not.  It’s just stuff that we like.  I hate when companies update my stuff to make it new and improved.  It’s not new if you are improving it and it’s almost never better than what it was.  Cookies are so much smaller than when I was a kid.  The prizes in cereal, awful! And I had to walk up hill both ways to school in a blizzard. Yep I am Old Stuff!

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