Almost Time for Buy the Case Tourney!

Starting Monday, one brand from each section of the country will be competing for “Best Product”.  Monday’s line up will include: East Coast’s, Pastene known for their lineup of sauces and tomato products, and Hanover Foods with their hard to beat beans, good to add to any recipe!  The Midwest will be starting: Mrs. Miller’s great selection of Homemade Noodles and get ready for the start of BBQ season with Open Pit BBQ sauces!

                In the South: Texas Pete Hot Sauces will be heating up the bracket and will pair up against Duke’s Mayonnaise, a Southern Tradition!  Out of the West Coast: a juggernaut everyone knows Starbucks, will be matched against Dole that fresh fruit treat! 

 So everyone get ready to vote for your favorite products, and may the best one win!

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