March Madness

As many of you know, is running its version of March Madness.  Well, I just experienced a very different type of March Madness.  That is, cruising with 30 friends and family during spring break.  OH MY WORD!  Now my friends and family like to have a good time but partying with the kids took it to a whole new level.  There were some incidents on board the ship where some of the spring breakers(the young ones) ran amuck but for the most part they were a lot of fun.  I’m sure they started out making fun of us but by the end of the trip they wanted to be us.  Had nothing to do with the unlimited credit card I had!!!  Young and old should normally keep their distances from each other except when  a 50-year-old birthday and spring break collide.  Kids, friends and family especially my husband, Jack, thanks for making Over The Hill quite not so painful!!

Take care,


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