March Madness Round 2

Thanks for all your voting in Round 1… now we need your help to vote for your favorites in Round 2!  Here are the contenders…

In the East: Ssips, which is owned by Johanna Foods, is a state-of-the-art food manufacturer located in Flemington, New Jersey. Operating since 1995, Johanna Foods is now one of the country’s largest producers and distributors of fruit juices like their Lemon Iced Tea, Cherry Berry, Fruit Punch and Orange/Tangerine. 

Adirondack was founded in 1967 out of Scotia NY.  The precious Adirondack Aquifer was created thousands of years ago when ice age glaciers shaped the huge underground reservoirs that hold and protect these pure, cold (54°) crystalline clear waters. Adirondack is one of the few soft drinks you can buy that is not made with municipal water.

In The Mid-West: Plochman’s premium mustard was founded in Chicago in 1852 by Moritz Plochman. This premium mustard has been a standard in the Midwest for 150 years.

The Diamond Crystal salt company began in 1886. That’s when John and Louis Alberger, together with Charles Moore and Horace Williams patented a new process for making salt in St. Clair, MI. This salt process made it possible to create unique-shaped crystals with numerous facets.

In the South: White House‘s history started in 1908 with cidar vinegar and has blossomed to include items such as apple juices and apple sauces.  It still remails a family run company today!

Stubbs BBQ sauces are a Texas BBQ staple.   Some say that Stubb inherited his love for cooking from his father who would feed his congregation barbeque.

In the West: Geisha Tuna began with two entrepreneurs, early in the 20th century. They worked in a local canning factory, and with this knowledge became involved in the canning industry, selling canned crabmeat and shrimp in the U.S.

A neighbor’s Armenian style rice pilaf recipe inspired the original idea for Rice-A-Roni, (a mixture of rice and macaroni.) In 1958, the DeDomenico family mixed a dry chicken soup mix, with rice and vermicelli to create the San Francisco treat which he named Rice-A-Roni.

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