Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

According to, Saturday March 26th is Make Up Your Own Holiday day.  How fun would that be if everyone actually made up their own holiday, created a Facebook invite and invited all their friends!  How many holidays do you think there would be?  Would there be more crazy and goofy holidays than serious type holidays?  My holiday would be a dance inspired theme.  Maybe Dance Party Holiday?   Everyone would have to go through the whole day and dance.  Tap dance to your mailbox, a few ballet moves getting into your car.  The night of course would be dedicated to dancing to the hits of the 60’s – up to today’s top 40.  I would need a few supplies from if I was to dance my way through a whole day though.  Plenty of Propel to keep hydrated with.  Advil  for the sore muscles the next day.  Balloons  because what’s a holiday without balloons!

So don’t be surprised when you get your Facebook event invite for Beth’s Dance Party Holiday or if you see me Sat. on Rte 139 holding a Robbins For Selectman sign doing a few pirouettes.  And I can’t wait to get your invite for your made up holiday!!

Take care,


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