Dedicated To Dove’s Original Clean Deodorant

Today’s blog is dedicated to Dove’s Original Clean Deodorant because without it, I, Lindsay Wall,  would be one hot mess.  

For those of you who don’t know me, I blush and get nervous easily which causes me to unfortunately sweat. No idea why it happens, but it does.  

Over the summer me and my friend Danielle were driving through Quincy during rush hour. We were trying to get to Blue Hills and when we took a wrong turn, my anxiety level sky rocketed. I immediately started to get nervous especially since I have the WORST sense of direction. Direct quote from me to Danielle, “I’m sweating cause I’m nervous. And I’m nervous cause I’m sweating.” Thankfully I was wearing the Dove DE-O and the sweat took care of itself. As for the driving, we pulled over and I let Danielle drive.

Today in a meeting, the speaker told me that he didn’t want to hear about his picture being on my walls. I took that to mean that he thought I had a crush on him and I replied, “I can’t promise anything”. He then replied, “I don’t want you throwing darts at my face.” Within the second I was 6 shades of red resembling a Heinz Ketchup bottle. With the blushing obviously comes the perspiring.

So in conclusion I would like to thank whoever created Dove’s Original Clean Deodorant for saving me from some sweaty embarrassments.


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