Molly’s Apple Pie

One of my favorite boards I am now involved in, is The Molly Fitzgerald Memorial Fund.  Molly was the daughter of friends of mine who died suddenly on Father’s Day 2006 after suffering an epileptic seizure while swimming in the family pool, just one week before  her 15th birthday.  Jim & Cathy, her parents, created the Molly Fund and started a yearly walk on Father’s Day to promote education and  the arts in Marshfield by providing college scholarships, by supporting community service projects and by assisting in the funding of school programs. 

 This year the Molly Board created a cookbook called In Molly’s Kitchen to honor her passion for cooking.  One of the recipe’s in the cookbook is Molly’s Apple Pie.  In the cookbook Cathy writes:

“This is the apple pie that Molly always made.  In her cookbook she wrote, “Cortland apples work nicely.”  It was always delicious.  She made this for my birthday because she knew I preferred apple pie over cake.”

  I thought I would share this recipe with you and let you know if anyone is interested in purchasing a In Molly’s Kitchen cookbook or finding out more about The Molly Fitzgerald Memorial Fund you can visit

Molly’s Apple Pie

In a large mixing bowl, stir together sugar, flour, cinnamon and nutmeg.  Add apple slices.  Gently toss to coat. Line a pie plate with one of the crusts.  Transfer apple mixture into pie plate.  Cover apples with second crust and pinch edges to seal.  Cut slits in top of crust.

Bake at 375 degrees for 55 to 60 minutes.  If crust becomes too brown, cover with foil and continue baking.  Enjoy!

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