Summer Is Coming. Really!

Here in Marshfield MA it has been dreary, gray, cold, wet and blecky. Yes Blecky. Describes exactly how I feel.  So to get in a summer mood, I asked my co-workers what products from makes them think of summer.  Every single one of them said a different beverage.  Crystal Light Fruit Punch, Crystal Light Iced Tea, Hi-C, Kool-Aid and Country Time Lemonade were a few.  I guess thinking about sitting in the hot sun, with sweat rolling down your brow or doing yard work while it’s 90 degrees made people want to quench their thirst.  Right now I am drinking a cup of hot Green Mountain Nantucket Blend coffee.  But I know, soon, real soon, I will be sitting on my beach drinking a cool glass of something!

Take care,


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