Macaroni Necklaces

Lindsay here.  Last night, in my eyes, I had a mini medical crisis. The first person I thought to ask about it was my neighbor, Laurie Landry. When I didn’t receive a response from her, I decided to see if my mum would be able to help. You may be asking, “Why didn’t you ask your own mother first?” Well as a child growing up, if I got hurt and ran up to tell my mum she would answer with, “Are you bleeding? Is it broken? Is it falling off? No? Ok you’re fine. GO PLAY!” As a result, I’m sure there are one or two cuts that have healed on their own that probably needed to have medical attention. So this morning I was chatting with my mum asking her why she didn’t reply to my text message. She responded with the same questions she would when I was younger. I guess I should have seen that coming. As a result, I told her I was going to revoke the massage gift certificate  my sister and I had so kindly purchased for her for Mother’s Day. After that was said, our conversation went something like this.

Me: “Speaking of the gift certificate-you better use that and not just let it collect dust somewhere.”( For those of you who know my mum, she probably has gift certificates stacked in a pile from the 90’s!)

Mum:”You sound like Grandma!!!”

Me:”Well ya know I coulda used that money somewhere else and just made you a macaroni necklace. I think you know what you’ll be getting for Christmas now.” I believe I will order a case of DeCecco Pasta from and then I won’t have to worry about Mother’s Day, your birthday, Christmas and any other holiday I have forgotten.  Macaroni necklaces from now on! 

Disclaimer from mum – Text message from Lindsay – 9:06PM “I think I have an ingrown toe nail. How do I make it go away? Lol.” From my 23 year old daughter.  Would you have responded?!!!!

 Take care,

Beth & Lindsay

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1 Response to Macaroni Necklaces

  1. Lindsay says:

    In my defense, I probably could of answered yes to “Is it falling off?” if I had not googled what to do!

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