A Beach Day With Madelyn

I am finally sitting in front of my computer at the BuyTheCase.net office in shorts!!  Yay!  I did have to use  Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion because my legs are so dry from this winter.  But it was worth the effort so that I  could wear them.  Tried to get some sun on my legs earlier in the day while I was watching my granddaughter Madelyn on the beach.  She is 2 1/2 yrs old and just didn’t want any part of sitting in the sun getting tanned.  We had to grab the pail and shovels and walk down the beach.  She picked up every big rock she could find and threw it into the water (which was quite cold when it splashed on me!)  She made me play freeze (had to stand like a statue whenever she said freeze. Once I almost fell over ’cause she caught me off guard!).  Oh and mustn’t forget throw sand all over her and me whenever possible.  Danielle, Madelyn’s mother, will be giving Madelyn a nice tub tonight using Johnson Baby Shampoo  ’cause that kid’s hair is caked with sand.  I love being the grandmother!!!

Take care,

(Grandma) Beth

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