Thank You 3M!

For us people with not the greatest memories in the world, is the guy who created Post-It Notes not the most incredible inventor ever!  What did we do before them?  Scribble on a piece of paper that got lost, wrote on our hands then it smudged.  Couldn’t send an email to ourself.  My mother is the first person that I have known to be consumed by Post-It Notes.  Her apartment is literally covered in Post-It Notes with reminders like Buy Advil, Call Beth and ask her to bring shopping to get Advil and Don’t forget to take Advil  before going to bed.  I finally reached the age where I can understand her need for Post-It’s.  My house is now covered with Post-It’s with reminders like Fill out Shannon’s college papers,  Babysit Madelyn on Wed and take to the park, Meet Lindsay and her friends at The Tavern to discuss “new project”, Plan 3rd of July party. When did my memory get so bad?  Oh yeah right around the same time my eye sight went.  Thank you chemists at 3M for keeping my life manageable!

Take care,


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