Foods That Comfort Me When My Mother Won’t

Lindsay here. Last night the state of Massachusetts had Severe Weather Warnings including tornadoes & flooding. For those of you who don’t know me, pretty much EVERYTHING scares me especially thunder storms. I was home watching the Bruins play when it started to get bad and knocked our power out. It came back on, but I decided to keep everything off just in case. I was watching the lightning out my window when all of a sudden a HUGE pink bolt cracked right across the street! I immediately started hysterically crying, grabbed my pillow (which thankfully I had just washed with Downy Fabric Softener so it was extra soft!) and hid at the end of my bed. I texted my mum, being overly dramatic as usual, and told her I thought I was having a panic attack. Her response, “Bummer. You can come here.” Clearly I was not going to drive in this weather so I decided the next best thing was comfort food! I ran downstairs and grabbed Robert’s American Gourmet Pirates Booty, some Chex Mix, and some Propel.  Shortly after self medicating myself with my delicious snacks, the storm had passed and I could finally calm down, no thanks to my mother!



PS my thoughts and prayers to the families in Springfield who were affected by the tornado.

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