An Owners Favorite Food

Like mother’s not having a favorite kid (we do, just don’t tell mine) an online grocery company shouldn’t have a favorite product.  Well I’m sorry but there is one product on this week’s store flyer that is one of my favorite foods, B & M Baked Beans  As a kid, I wouldn’t eat a baked bean even if it was covered in chocolate syrup ( and I will eat pretty much anything if it has chocolate syrup on it!!!)  Today it is one of my summer BBQ staples.  Throw a piece of chicken or a burger on the grill and heat up some B & M Baked Beans and I am all set for my idea of culinary heaven.  I don’t know if  Chef Gordon Ramsay or Chef Curtis Stone would agree with me but my heaven may be not quite up to their standards.  And I am ok with that.

Take care,


PS has B & M Baked Beans on sale this week!!

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