Game Day Rituals & Superstitions

Big game 6 for the Bruins tonight.  Many Boston Fans are getting ready for the game with their Game Day Rituals.  That special bowl that has to be clean for the Orville Redenbacher’s Natural Microwave Popcorn.  Eating Old El Paso Tacos ’cause that’s what you ate for dinner when they won the first playoff game.  For you men and I say men ’cause I can’t remember too many women who paint their faces and bodies with Black & Gold body paint, you will need a case of Dial For Men 3D Odor Defense Bar Soap to wash off the sweat and paint.  Who out there hasn’t washed their Bruins jersey since the season started, knowing that if you don’t, the Bruins will surely win the whole thing? has just what that jersey is going to need – Purex Ultra Original Fresh Laundry Detergent with Color Safe Bleach.  Nobody wants their jersey ruined at the end of a great season!  And finally for the real die-hard superstitious fans who have not shaved their beards for 6 months, Gillette Products can take care of you and have your wife speaking to you again. Or if you would rather, just skip on by this aisle!   Everyone has their own thing to help the Bruins win but the one thing everyone has in common is needing Tums or Pepto-Bismo when the game gets too close!!  Go Bruins!

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