My fellow blogger, Lindsay, who is also my daughter was the very worse eater as a toddler, adolescent and teenager.  Her diet consisted of bread, chicken, pasta(no sauce) and more bread.  A very white diet.  Many, many fights at the dinner table to get her to even try a vegetable.  Oh the tantrums over green beans!  I have just found out that Apple and Eve have come out with a juice called Fruitables.  Fruitables are the easy way to give your kids one combined serving of fruits and vegetables with 1/3 less sugar.  Brilliant!  All those tantrums averted with the nutrition of fruits and veggies in a juice box.  And I bet they go really well with chicken, pasta(no sauce) and bread.  Lots of bread!

Take care,


PS.  In my defense, my mother was not a very creative cook.  A roast beef dinner, with jar gravy, instant mashed potatoes and canned green beans was as gourmet as it got!  Linds

PSS my favorite meal  Beth

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