Fresh Breath

As my mum has pointed out before on this blog, I am a very picky eater, but I am slowly adding to the list of foods that I enjoy! My newest addition is red onions. The amount of red onions that I put on a salad is RIDICULOUS. Along with the delicious taste that red onions contain they also provide with you with HORRIBLE breath. Someone should have told me that before I became so fond of them. Though I suppose I should have gotten the hint with all the stares I received the first time I loaded up my salad at the salad bar. Not only do I love red onions, but I also LOVE Orbit Wintermint Gum. On any given day, you can find me with at least two packs of that gum in my purse, car, room, etc. I like to have fresh breath (especially with a new love for onions) so thankfully I can stock up on a case of gum from and be good to go!



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