From DayCare to College

Next Wed I will be taking my “baby” to college.  We are in the midst of buying all the stuff she needs for her dorm room.  A new comforter, towels, sheets, snacks, microwave and refrigerator ect, ect.  Got me to thinking about bringing her to daycare when she was little and how some of the stuff that I packed in her diaper bag or was at her daycare are some of  the same stuff that she will want in  her college dorm. 

No matter what age, fruit snacks are a must to have on hand.  Day cares shouldn’t think twice about buying a case of fruit snacks and having it shipped to their facilities. Such an easy and nutritious snack to give to kids.   Parents send a case to your child at college and bring back great memories of childhood.  Juice boxes – another must at day care and at college.  Much easier to store in a small refrigerator than a big bottle of juice.  No need of cups to wash up or clean up from a spill (college kids I think are worse than toddlers in the spillage dept!)  And disinfecting wipes.  Two of the grossest known areas to man are day cares and dorm rooms!  Even if you aren’t a germaphobe, day cares will want to make sure they have plenty of wipes on hand to wash those grubby little hands.  And college students will find it easier to grab a wipe than have to make sure they have a clean towel to wipe their hands on after washing them! 

For all you parents bringing your “baby” either to-day care or college for the first time, good luck!  And keep in mind for all your “babies'” needs.

Take care,




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