Maruchan – Not Just For Soup

 Maruchan Noodles are a staple in my house.  I have mentioned before I am not the culinary wizard my family wishes me to be.  Besides I am too busy with other stuff like Gala’s, Realtors Got Talent,  Grad Nite Live and other important stuff to have the time to cook.  And I just plain don’t like to!  So my family especially Shannon (who is going off to college tomorrow) has gotten used to making their own dinner which usually consists of Ramen noodles.  Shannon has eaten so many noodles in the last year, she has already put on the freshman fifteen.  Just kidding Shannon!  You are just perfect.  You would still look perfect with the freshman fifteen.  I have just discovered that Maruchan has recipes (other than  soup) for their noodles on their website.  Now you mothers who aren’t into the whole culinary scene either can take Maruchan Noodles to the next level and look like a much more competent mother than I ever did!

Take care,


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