College Football Tailgating

College football tailgating season is almost here and now is the time to go big with all of those great tailgate snacks like Sensible Portions Chive & Garlic Pita Bites.

As is the case every year, the competition for the best tailgate scene is going to be intense. Our scouts have done their analysis and have come up with the following pre-season poll:

1) LSU: Lots of barbecue, awesome Cajun cuisine, and an electric night-time game atmosphere make LSU the undisputed national champs of college tailgating.

2) Penn State: When 107,282 fans invade State College, the pre-game festivities are nearly as legendary as Joe Paterno, the Nittany Lions head coach since 1966. If you are lucky enough to attend the “whiteout” game when fans show up in white tee shirts, the scene is magical.

3) Washington: While the land-bound tail-gates may be a little tame, the boaters who navigate up to Husky Stadium on Lake Washington sure know how to put on a spread with wild salmon and Dungeness crab cocktails usually on the menu – not to mention all those great Northwest micro-brews.

4) Texas: Austin is one of the best party towns in the country with great music and food. And, when the Longhorns are hosting a home game, the barbecue – as well as the scenery – is always smoking. Just Google “Texas Tailgate” and then select Images to see what we mean.

5) Notre Dame: The Fighting Irish tailgate parties tend to finish up a little early so that fans can catch the spectacular pre-game pageantry. Watching the Irish Guard and the marching band parade from the Dome to the stadium is one of college football’s true goose bumps moments.

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