Top 10 Items You Wouldn’t Expect To Find At

#10. Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 4 Quart Slow Cooker – order a case of canned veggies and some Lipton Onion Soup mix with the slow cooker and you have a delicious start to a stew.

#9.  Tank Nanny – no this is not an oversized Mary Poppins but a device to keep your propane tank in so that it doesn’t tip over when transporting.

#8.  Slinky’s – buy a case for your office and have Friday afternoon Slinky races.  Loser buys the after work beers!

#7.  Tamale Steamer – I guess this is how you would make a Hot Tamale!

#6.  Lazy Dog Deep Dish Pizza Pup Pie – this is a cookie made to look like a deep dish pizza pie for dogs.  Do you really think a dog would know the difference between deep dish and thin crust?

#5  – Holland House Sherry Cooking Wine – for all you refined foodies out there.

#4  – Silly Putty   – make sure you have a case of Silly Putty on hand in your office for when the copier is broken.  Just place the Silly Putty on the document you want copied, press down and wala! A copy is made.  Use 3 Silly Putties for legal size documents!

#3  Ping Pong Balls –   A necessity for anyone under 30.  Don’t forget the Solo Red Cups.!

#2  Lundy’s Lard Pail – you can actually buy this product in a 25lb pail.  I am told that Lundy’s Lard is a necessity for a customers grandmother’s biscuit recipe.

And the #1 item you wouldn’t expect to find at is

Hormel Pigs Feet –  I will not venture to guess how you serve pigs feet  but I bet they would go well with Grandma’s biscuits!

If anyone has ordered any other “interesting” items on, please let me know.  I will put together another top 10 blog.

Take care,


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