Halloween Crafts

One thing my daughter loves to do at home is make crafts.  All week long she tries to recycle EVERYTHING to add to her craft supply.  God-forbid I accidentally try to toss away an old yogurt cup or brown paper bag.  Now, I am all for recycling, but when my daughter tried to save the plastic piece that peels off of a fresh gallon of milk… enough is enough!  “How about we try a craft with items we already have?”  Since her favorite food is pasta with butter and parmesan cheese (isn’t most kids?)… I know we have several types of open pastas, so why not go back to those good ol’ pasta crafts! 

Here is a great craft with an awesome Halloween theme:

Pasta Skeletons

Perfect for the family with multiple boxes of different types of pastas open at any given time!

You can use any shape pasta you have on hand, but a variety of different shapes look the best.  (I recommend macaroni for the ribcage and large shells for the skull).  Simply glue the various pasta shapes to a piece of construction paper in the shape of a skeleton.  To really kick it up you can make a spooky background before glueing your skeleton to the page or even paint the pasta pieces!  Here is a great picture of a pasta skeleton:



Hope you have fun with this Halloween craft.  And don’t forget to recycle that empty pasta box when you’re done!

Catch ya later,


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4 Responses to Halloween Crafts

  1. kamikinard says:

    Super cute! Next time you have glass jars to toss in the recycling bin, let her try what we did! My daughter spent hours painting these. http://www.craftycrafts.wordpress.com

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