Blog Inspiration

Just realized I haven’t written a blog myself for almost two weeks.  I know, slacker, putting it off to others in the office.  Even made the “night shift supervisor” do one.  So I got behind the computer, logged onto my blog site and nothing.  I don’t have one idea of what to write.  Looking for inspiration, I went to WordPress Freshly Pressed.  This is where all the “great”blogs are posted.  I started looking at the titles to see if anything got the creative juices flowing.  No juices but this one blog cracked me up I had to share – How To Write A Broadway Hit.  Next stop for inspiration’s website.  Maybe some cool product will jump out at me and just beg me to write about a past memory involving said product.  Browsing through the aisles, health and personal care, nope no past memories that I care to share, baking goods, you already know I don’t cook, so anything I wrote would be an outright lie, office and school supplies, snore.  Ok where else to look for inspiration for this blog?  I know, Facebook.  When in doubt there is Facebook.  So I typed in BuyTheCase to get to my page and instead I click on the  Buytheface. page instead.  I think this picture says much more than I ever could in a blog! 

Take care,


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