I Don’t Want To Eat Those Yucky Vegetables!

October is National Vegetarian Month.  Hooray!  When I was a kid I would never have said hooray to anything that had to do with vegetables.  I was the kid that hid their peas or corn in their potato skin, took a mouthful and went into the bathroom and spit it out or just sat at the table til my mother got tired of telling me to eat my vegetables!  I HATED vegetables as a kid.  Didn’t like the look of them, they were mostly green, ew, who wants to eat green food.  Texture, not that I knew what that word was back then, but I did know it was gross in my mouth, either too crunchy and hard or too squishy. Yuck!  The only way I would maybe eat a vegetable is to put gravy on it.  Well that of course would only happen once or twice a week with a roast chicken dinner or roast beef dinner.  I wanted gravy every night for my vegetables.  And don’t get me started on my vegetables touching my other food, especially my mashed potatoes!!  Don’t let the corn touch the mashed potatoes!  Shepard’s pie, not a chance in this life time back as a kid.

Well it’s amazing how things change when you get older.  I love vegetables!!!  Peas were my arch nemesis as a kid, now they are my favorite.  For all you purist out there though, I have a confession.  I love canned vegetables the best.  I know, I know, what am I thinking.  All those farmer’s markets and fresh vegetable stands and you eat canned vegetables. Well it’s true.  LeSeur Peas, Green Giant Sweet Corn (on sale this week by the way), and Del Monte Green Beans. 

So parents don’t worry too much when your kid is running to the bathroom and spitting out the peas.  They too will come to love vegetables as much as I do!

Take care,


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