No Mother Of The Year Here

I think most people who have read a couple of my blogs have come to the conclusion that I am not the June Cleaver of my generation.  If you have any doubts read the following chat I had with my daughter Lindsay on Facebook this morning.

Report · 10:21am
I think my night sweats are back
And by I think I mean I’ve had them the past 2 nights

Report · 10:22am
that stinks

Report · 10:25am
Oh you have such a way with words ou know that?

Report · 10:27am
Oh? Did you want comforting words from your mother?

Report · 10:27am
No I’d probably die from shock

Report · 10:27am
come over here and sit on my lap and put your head on my bosum
and I’ll pat your back
let me google what to say first though

Report · 10:28am
Don’t you take like a seminar before you give birth on how to mother children geeze la weeze

Report · 10:29am
It’s the only thing you don’t need to get a degree in, motherhood!
any idiot can be a mother
ta da!

Report · 10:29am

Report · 10:29am
Well there is one thing I know I did right as a mother and that is make sure the kids celebrated all holidays and birthdays.  We always had Halloween parties with plenty of candy and games, Christmas parties with Santa, presents and baked goods (course it was my friends that actually baked them) and themed birthday parties with balloons and decorations.  So just remember moms, even if you aren’t June Cleaver either, you know there is something you do way better than she ever did!!
Take care,
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