Peculiar People Day

According to Holiday Insights Bizarre, Wacky and Unique Holidays, today is Peculiar People Day.  I was thinking about peculiar people who I know and my mind went to my mother.  “Your mother!” you are all saying, ” how is your mother peculiar?”  Well she isn’t really anymore peculiar than any other mother but when she was moving into her retirement home, Linden Ponds, after my dad died, she was very worried that people would think she was a little out there.  After all these people were from Hingham, and Duxbury and my mother was from Dorchester and Weymouth.  They were bound to think she was odd for having a doll collection and a hundred photo albums in her apartment.   I kept telling my mother, you’re not peculiar, your eccentric.  People who are eccentric can get away with anything.  So your walking the hallways in your bathrobe and boots. Your eccentric, no problem.  Ordering peanut butter and fluff sandwiches for dinner at the restaurant, eccentric.  So I was reading further on the Unique Holidays website and they have a recipe for the day.  It is chicken ala king (which you can find at for those of you who don’t cook).  My mother used to make chicken ala king all the time and serve it in toast bowls on the good china with the silverware and linen napkins to be a little classy in our Weymouth neighborhood. Yeah my mother is a little peculiar!

Take care,


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