The Ultimate Tailgate

SUPERBOWL!!!!!!  This past weekends games were so intense I had to take a whole day to collect myself before blogging!  But the Pats are going again.  And against the Giants for a rematch game.  The media is going to go wild, the NFL must be ecstatic and who doesn’t love a Boston vs NY game of any kind!!  I went to the first Pats/Giants Superbowl when it was in AZ.  Very sad day.  Decided I’m not going this time, as I may have been the jinx that made them lost(actually it was Jack that was the jinx!)  So I plan on staying home and creating the ultimate tailgate for myself.  What that will be, I have no clue yet.  But as soon as I figure it out, I will let you know!

Ultimate Tailgate? Maybe

Take care,


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