About BuyTheCase.net

Fcbkprofile1modSince April of 2004, BuyTheCase.Net has been delivering cases of products to households, businesses, government agencies, community groups, and US diplomatic and military personnel living abroad. Through this fantastic growth period, we have never lost sight of our pledge to provide you, our customers, with a positive experience each and every time you interact with our Web site, our employees, and our partners.

The BuyTheCase Difference

Our name really says it all. When you buy products by the case, you get the benefit of lower prices, plain and simple. In addition, by shopping online, you avoid all the hassles of dealing with the large discount warehouse stores. There are no club membership fees, no mammoth aisles to get lost in, and no endless checkout lines. Best of all, we deliver right to your doorstep, helping you to put a little extra time back into your life.

Who Can Benefit?

We know that buying products in case-size quantities is not for everyone. If you live in a one-bedroom condo and eat sushi take-out every night, you probably don’t think about saving a bundle on paper towels.

But, we know there are a lot of people out there who can benefit from BuyTheCase.Net.

Hectic households… Have you ever seen the “Stuff Evaporates” bumper sticker? OK, we haven’t either, but if you have ever watched your teenage sons wipe out the cereal cupboard, you know what we mean. Why not stock up on the goods your family uses the most? Better yet, get a couple of families to chip in and really save big!

Party planners… If you’re always the one pulling together the block party, the family reunion, or the Labor Day chili cook-off extravaganza, now you can save some money and aggravation by letting us deliver the bulk goods. With the money you save, you can go ahead and get that DJ with the great Earth, Wind, and Fire collection.

Community groups… Scout banquets, church fairs, Booster club concession stands, and Wednesday night bingo bashes at the seniors center. You’ve all got big crowds to please and we’ve got the stuff to make them happy.

Day Care Centers… According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, average preschoolers consume more than 12 ounces of fruit juice per day – and that doesn’t include the gallons they spill nor all the paper towels you need to wipe up the mess. When you do the math, buying by the case sure makes sense.

Businesses… If you’re in charge of stocking the employee lunch room, show your boss you’ve also got some fiscal and logistical sense and order by the case. If you are the boss, show your employees how much you appreciate them with a cabinet full of high-powered energy snacks.


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