The Ultimate Tailgate Part II

Ok so I’m gearing up for the big day.  I am so excited!  I know tailgating is supposed to be all about the food and I’ll get to that in a minute.  I have found the perfect tailgate shoes ever!

Can’t you just imagine me serving chip and dip and drinking Cosmos in these?  Giants eat your heart out!

 Oh yeah food for the tailgate. has almost everything you will need (except these shoes!) for your Ultimate Tailgate party.  Chips, salsa, onion dip and paper goods.  Next blog, The Ultimate Tailgate Buffalo Chicken Dip!

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The Ultimate Tailgate

SUPERBOWL!!!!!!  This past weekends games were so intense I had to take a whole day to collect myself before blogging!  But the Pats are going again.  And against the Giants for a rematch game.  The media is going to go wild, the NFL must be ecstatic and who doesn’t love a Boston vs NY game of any kind!!  I went to the first Pats/Giants Superbowl when it was in AZ.  Very sad day.  Decided I’m not going this time, as I may have been the jinx that made them lost(actually it was Jack that was the jinx!)  So I plan on staying home and creating the ultimate tailgate for myself.  What that will be, I have no clue yet.  But as soon as I figure it out, I will let you know!

Ultimate Tailgate? Maybe

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Peculiar People Day

According to Holiday Insights Bizarre, Wacky and Unique Holidays, today is Peculiar People Day.  I was thinking about peculiar people who I know and my mind went to my mother.  “Your mother!” you are all saying, ” how is your mother peculiar?”  Well she isn’t really anymore peculiar than any other mother but when she was moving into her retirement home, Linden Ponds, after my dad died, she was very worried that people would think she was a little out there.  After all these people were from Hingham, and Duxbury and my mother was from Dorchester and Weymouth.  They were bound to think she was odd for having a doll collection and a hundred photo albums in her apartment.   I kept telling my mother, you’re not peculiar, your eccentric.  People who are eccentric can get away with anything.  So your walking the hallways in your bathrobe and boots. Your eccentric, no problem.  Ordering peanut butter and fluff sandwiches for dinner at the restaurant, eccentric.  So I was reading further on the Unique Holidays website and they have a recipe for the day.  It is chicken ala king (which you can find at for those of you who don’t cook).  My mother used to make chicken ala king all the time and serve it in toast bowls on the good china with the silverware and linen napkins to be a little classy in our Weymouth neighborhood. Yeah my mother is a little peculiar!

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Customer Service – Not Just A Pretty Voice

Customer service at has always been a step above the other online grocery shopping companies.  At you know you are going to get a competent and knowledgeable representative.  And if you happen to get voice mail, a representative will return your call in a reasonable amount of time.  Check out Keith, our “Night Shift Manager” as he learns all about Customer Service at

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Eating My Way Through The NFL Playoffs

The New England Patriots are the number one seed for the playoffs!  Sorry if the Pats aren’t your team, or your team is the number 2 seed or if your team didn’t even make the playoffs.  It is a tough time of year for football fans, looking at the teams that did make it and wondering how the heck they did it!  Which makes me think of the year the Pats won their first Superbowl.  How did they even get to the playoffs with a quarterback fresh off the bench?  Well I am glad they did and went right through to the Super Bowl.  That year the Super Bowl was played in New Orleans and my husband and I were lucky enough to go.  What an experience!  The music on Bourbon St. The jambalaya, the beignets.  I even tried turtle soup. All the spicy, Cajun food was tremendous!  Then of course the whole Super Bowl experience on top of it.  Crazy!  Whenever I want to recall that feeling of New Orleans, I will make some creole gumbo. Tony Chachere’s Creole Gumbo Dinner Mix is one of my favorites.  Tony Chachere’s has a whole line of New Orleans inspired dinners.  So as I am not really familiar with traditional Indiana food, I think for this playoff season I will stick with the gumbo and jambalaya and think back to that great Pats Super Bowl win in New Orleans!

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A Crazy Ramen Recipe

I found this recipe on Campus Squeeze.  Of course a college campus blog would have the craziest recipes for Maruchan Ramen Noodles ever!!

Grilled Ramen
Marinate ramen cake in sauce (see below for sauce suggestions), flipping to be sure of absorption throughout the noodle cake (about 20 mins, just enough time to get your fire going).
Ramen cake is ready to be grilled when it has become tender, but still cohesive.
Place on medium flame grill (charcoal is best).

Lift corner every minute or so to look for char marks (about 3 minutes). A little smoke should inform you that it’s about ready to flip.
Flip when it’s getting crunchy and black/golden brown spots cover one side. Be sure to detach the whole thing with your spatula before moving it, or else the cake may pull apart, creating a much less appetizing mess (and frustration).
Serve plain or with chives, scallions, grilled tofu or veggies, etc. If there is any remaining marinade drizzle it over top of the noodles

Your grilled ramen cake will have chewy spots and moist spots, but every bite will be flavorful and fun to eat. Tear it apart with chop sticks. Invite friends to dig in with you. It’s fun, romantic, contemplative… Whatever mood strikes you, I am sure that a few minutes before the hot fire will sooth your savage beast and satiate your appetite with fire-cured noodle goodness.

For a soupier version, serve “au jus” by pouring the desired amount of boiling hot water over the grilled noodles and letting it sit for a few minutes (but be careful not to dilute the flavor too much). The sun is shining and it’s time to have fun by the fire.

Savor the Flavor: a sauce for any occasion

For “Grilled Ramen Sauce” you basically just need a concoction that is somewhat syrupy, so it glazes the noodles, watery enough to be absorbed by the noodles, slightly sweet, so it caramelizes, and packed with tangy flavors that will compliment the charred spots.
A lazy method: use 1/3 cup of hot water to dilute 1/3 cup of your favorite asian sauce/marinade like terriaki, szechuan, etc.
Whisk together the following ingredients:

Flavor packet from ramen
2 tblsp soy sauce
Squirt of sriracha (or favorite hot sauce) to taste
Couple dashes of rice vinegar (or lemon or lime juice)
A few drops of toasted sesame oil
½ tsp sugar
¼ cup of hot water
A sprinkling of sesame seeds (optional)


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Keith Learns Customer Service

When you call customer service at, you know you are going to get a competent and knowledgeable representative. Let’s just say, Keith may not be answering the phones for us for a while…

Gotta love Keith!  He really gives it his all!

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